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Test Yourself


Please try this simple metric quiz. If you have already started to think metric then this quiz should be easy!

Select the correct answers from the choices on the drop down menus and then press the Submit button at the end of the 10 questions. Then you will see any that you get right have a tick mark placed in the boxes, so those you get wrong will have an empty box next to the question number and should be re-attempted if you wish to raise your score. Have fun!


1. How many centimetres in 1 metre?

2. How many cubic centimetres in 1 litre?

3. Which is longer, 1 km or 1 mile?

4. If a place is 4000 metres away, how many kilometres is this?

5. The edge of space is 100 km above the Earth's surface, but how much is this in metres?

6. How many micrograms in 1 gram?

7. How many millimetres in 2 centimetres?

8. At what temperature does water boil?

9. Which of these is the most typical weight of a newborn baby?

10. What would be the most suitable unit of these to measure the height of a person?

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For explanations about the answers please click here.

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Ruler in centimetres, because metric is very useful